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Gozo is the smaller one of the two main Maltese Islands in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. The islands of sunshine and history, as they are often associated, are a perfect destination to recharge your body with sun and enjoy a laid-back and relaxed Island vacation.

Gozo, the island of the mythical nymph Calypso, is half an hour ferry journey away from the big Island, and a haven of tranquility due to its slower pace of life.

Beautiful rugged cliffs, tabletop hills and steep valleys with terraced farm fields characterize Gozo’s unique landscape. The beaches and the entire coastline have been left largely untamed and retain an untouched nature energy.

The blue coastal waters are clean and safe for swimming. The sea temperatures is always around 24 - 26 °C in the summer.

Typical Mediterranean weather makes Gozo the perfect destination for all year round activities. Mild sunny winters are ideal for climbing, hiking and biking whilst diving, sailing and coasteering are best performed in the hot, dry very sunny summers. Gozo is also rich in culture and environmental heritage and truly a paradise to linger and unwind.

Why is Bitcoin so important for the 21st century?

Finacial freedom, downloaded to your phone.

Decentralised banking system

Finally, a bank without a bank. We are now our banks. Free big corporate banking elite.

Low to no fees

There no fees for using the bitcoin core wallet. There are nominal "miner" fees for transactions. It is much cheaper to transfer bitcoins across the world than using a banking machine or credit cards.

More efficient

Transfers are confirmed in mintues. With in hour your money is back in your wallet. Compared to banking transactions which can take days and not on weekends. The bitcoin service is 24/hrs.

Protection from inflation

Buying, earning and saving in bitcoin will return multples in profit, which will protect your future from inflaction.

Relax, its bitcoin!

Let's Go Gozo!

About Bitcoin Adventures

Bitcoin Adventures is a travel agency creating trips paid with Bitcoin and thereby promoting the new digital currency in tourist destinations.

We create exciting trips for business tourists, families and eco-tourists and embed it in a full and complete Bitcoin experience which means that you can choose out of a constantly growing portfolio of guest houses, restaurants and activities. Go on a Bitcoin Adventure.

Bitcoin’s early adopters are mainly young adventurous digital nomads, businessmen or investors who like spending bitcoin whenever they can. Reaching out for their special interest can be a clever strategy to help small tourism based economies to flourish. We want to help local shops, property owners and merchants to understand the benefits of bitcoin.

Ultimately we show a beautiful usecase for bitcoin: all inclusive trips to an island economy where the people made the step to accept the new, better money - bitcoin.

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